What pushes your buttons?

I think we can all agree we are affected by stress in some form and to some degree. Stress it seems is an inevitable consequence of living in 2017……at least in the highly competitive environment of London and the UK in general anyway. Paradoxically, we all know what it feels like to be stressed, but it’s not so easy to identify exactly what it means……perhaps that’s because it means something different to each person. What would you class as more stressful? Risking your own money as a city trader in the financial markets on a daily basis, or organising 3 primary school kids through dinner time, bath time and bed time on a daily basis?! In my own experience I have raised my voice in anger a lot more doing the latter!

  We all experience stress differently in different situations, so something that doesn’t bother you at all might cause someone else a lot of stress, emotionally or physically. Successful partnerships, whether domestically or in business, may be able to split the workload to enable one party to entirely avoid certain negative triggers that can cause them stress.

  The point is stress is different for everyone, and it is important to understand yourself and identify what “pushes your buttons”. If you can do that, you can take action to minimise the effect of these triggers. We can’t control external factors, but we can control our response to them. Many parents this week are being reminded that a day in the office may well be a lot less stressful than a day looking after the kids in half term! For some, organising their accounts is high on the list of pain, while others find it easy and possibly even therapeutic. For some pressure is welcomed as a normal part of life and can actually be useful in driving you to confront challenges, take positive action, feel more energised and achieve positive results. Avoiding or ignoring these triggers may not be the best way of dealing with the problem, and effective stress management would be more beneficial to the individual in the long run. writing the perfect college essay. What pushes your buttons and stresses you out?

…. and what pushes you on and drives you forward to achieve positive results?

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