About Us

Welcome to The Gym and Tonic family – together we can get fit, stay healthy and feel great about ourselves, conquering that all important life and fitness balance that so many of us struggle with.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. Jessie D’Acampo and Yemi Erinle. We have been friends for more than fourteen years and during our weight loss journey, our families have been instrumental in helping us maintain our fitness goals. We have had the love and support of our husbands Gino and Yinka and also that of our children, Luci, Rocco, Mia, Toni and Dami, for this we are truly thankful.
Over the years we have both struggled with our weight and have tried several weight loss programmes together, including; Cambridge, Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Atkins. In reality none of them were successful for us long term and we always found ourselves back to square one.

In March 2016 we found the programme that changed our lives. An important factor was working together and we both lost weight and improved our overall well-being but when Jessie had to move away, we were worried that we would slip back into our old habits.  We realised, that by continuing to work together and supporting each other, it gave us the drive to stay committed and we wanted to share this with others.
We discussed creating a members only fitness club that would enable all clients to be individually tailored for and provide a support system to help people reach their personal goals, whether it was losing weight, maintaining weight, building muscle or merely getting fit.
In January 2017 we were having breakfast at the Bull Pen at Battlers Green Farm and jokingly asked the owner if he had a unit on site that we could turn into an exercise studio. To our surprise his response was yes and within days The Gym and Tonic Club was born. Our dream has turned into a reality and we will strive to offer the perfect package for all.
We are excited to continue our journey to maintain our weight loss, keep fit and stay healthy at the Gym and Tonic Club and look forward to training alongside you.