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CBD – a great supplement for general wellbeing!
Everyone at The Gym and Tonic Club is really excited to launch a new range of
products available to members.
As we are sure your aware Cannabis and CBD products have been making the
headlines over the last few months. CBD has been a bit of buzzword in the
wellness and fitness sector for sometime now and new products seem to be
appearing everywhere.
At the Gym and Tonic Club we always strive to offer the best quality we can be
that in terms of products or training and facilities.
For that reason we have decided to partner with MariPharm to offer our clients
the highest quality product we could find. MariPharm has a long history in the
medical cannabis and CBD sector and is in control of their product from Seed to
Sale. In addition a number of the team here already use MariPharm products as a
daily supplement.
MariPharm currently have 4 products available:
Mari Drops – 4% CBD Oil
Mari Spray – 4% CBD Oil
Mari Crème – 1% CBD Moisturiser
Mari Care – Essential Cannabis Sativia L. Oil
Please use the PROMO CODE – GT10 at checkout for a
10% discount on your purchase.
For more information please visit the MariPharm website.

Mari Pharm
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