Kamila SitwellKamila Sitwell

Just wanted to let you know, I'm blown away with the fitness concept you put together in such a short period of time. Totally exceeded my expectations!!! Fantastic and well equipped venue with great quality of people, integrated technology, apps and booking systems, great give away literature! Believe me, I understand well the effort and strategic thinking that went into this concept. Congrats! You will dominate the market in no time, brace yourselves for fast growth. K xxx

Karon AyresKaron Ayres
Had a trial session this morning and loved it. Wonderful trying new exercises. Looking forward to training with you. I will just book the disabled toilet! 💪💪
Michelle AndersonMichelle Anderson
Absolutely loved loved loved that session.
Tracey MathewsTracey Mathews
Induction done ! (Can't wait), Tour done ! (It's awesome), Physio met ! (She's amazing), Trainers met (they're lovely), Goody bag rifled through! (already in use),  Met Piper (can't wait to go back), First session booked! (Roll on 2nd May), That's a productive Saturday.
Sandra EniadeSandra Eniade
My induction session was fantastic, there was so much attention on me; most importantly I was listened to. I could see they wanted to ensure I got the best out of my time with them. I met with a physiotherapist who talked with the trainers to ensure I was having workouts tailored to my goals. I love the facilities so many special touches, like the basket of toiletries; such a personal touch.
Elinor ZeitouniElinor Zeitouni
The Gym and Tonic Club have managed to create a fantastic private members club that encompasses all the necessary elements needed to ensure a healthy lifestyle. From exercise & diet to aesthetic beauty & mind set. Amazing concept guys. Well done.

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